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BabyWear Size Guide

                      Baby Clothing Size Guide Baby Iconic Studio UK

                                  Newborn - 55 cm roughly 5-8 lbs

                                  0-3 months - 55-61 cm roughly 8-12.5 lbs

                                 3-6 months - 61-67 cm roughly 12.5-16.5 lbs 
                                6-9 months - 67-78 cm roughly 16.6-20 lbs
                               9-12 months - 78-83 cm roughly 20-24 lbs
                             12-18 months - 78-83 cm roughly 24-28 lbs
                            18-24 months - 83-88 cm roughly 27-30 lbs
Please bear in mind that the values in this size guide may vary in between styles and brands . If in doubt you are welcome to drop us a quick message on our Facebook Messenger or email us at and we will happily assist you to pick the best size for your baby